Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dinosaurs in Beans {392}

Dear Miss Dinah,

What a wonderful way to wake up...

At least we are trying to! The picture Daddy took makes it look like we are both trying to go back to sleep!

This morning Daddy went out of town with Mr. Tom to take care of a few things and we went to the 'World Friendship Meeting' - a place where ladies from all over the world gather and do fun activities together. Today I was working on a sewing project. I needed to take your measurements and so I came down to visit you in the room where you were playing. And this is what I found:

You and a bunch of gals gathered around a giant container full of beans! How awesome! Oh, and those little colored things in there are tiny plastic dinosaurs, by the way. 

After WF, we went to go visit a friend's farm to pick up some milk and eggs. The farm was only about a 10 minute drive from our house, but it feels so far away once we get out of town! We have to go a couple miles on one-lane, gravel roads at the end, and you were asleep by that point.

Ms. Melindy has a daughter, Lily who is about your same age. You two had fun watching ducks, goats, and chickens, until you started shivering a bit. It was sunny out, but it was COLD.

You are teething (slowly), just mostly chewing a lot on those middle-molars (the one's between the back and front teeth). You teeth are coming in straight, and lovely, which I am thankful for.

You like saying the words 'one' and 'two' though I don't think you know they are for counting. When we put your pants on today, you said 'one!' with the first pant leg and 'two!' with the second, though.

An amusing game for you is me saying "bababababababa..." very quietly, then surprising you with a loud 'BOO!' You love it. Speaking of boo, you are at just the same age as Boo in the movie 'Monster's Inc.' and Daddy loves to compare you with her.

You 'tattled' on Kitty a lot today. She goes into the outside room where you are not allowed to go. You pointed at her and frantically said, "Ca! Ca!" She drinks out of the toilet, which you are not allowed to touch, and again you pointed and said the same :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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