Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friends in Small Places {389}

Dear Miss Dinah,

If only you could have seen these pictures as they appeared on my photo storage. You could see them all at once, in columns and rows, and daughter, it was sure a barrage of movement.

Before I forget to mention it, you really like doing things in which monkey is involved. If I ask monkey to come up on the couch with me and read about colors, it's not long until you are there too. If monkey waves, jumps, spins, or dances, you will do the same.

Sometimes monkey (forcibly) follows you too.

The theme for today might have been: putting your friends into small spaces. 

I love this picture.

And this one too.

Movement interlude -- a quick respite --

There are two animal tales in this picture.

When you brought the cat carrier in from the other room, I knew exactly what you were up to. Sure enough, you headed over to the couch for a peacefully sleeping Pizwit. You dragged her off the couch and guided her to the carrier. And then...

Once again today, I am overwhelmed at the privilege of being your mamma. Thank you for your smiles, daughter.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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