Tuesday, February 26, 2013

King Ging {399}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we picked up Paramee from Sri Lanka and went to World Friendship Meeting. We picked her up from her apartment though, not actually Sri Lanka :) If that was the case, we would have been more than 20 minutes late.

Today we (ladies) had special interest groups. Here is the water coloring group. I admire their beautiful creations, I have yet to do any watercolor!

Mrs. Phillips was back today. She is one of the women who helps out with the sewing group. She had tests done last week to see if she would qualify for a particular back surgery. She did qualify so she will be having the surgery in a few weeks. Mrs. Phillips is in her 80's and she is a very experienced seamstress (and also a wonderful singer, I've heard). We are so happy that she gets to have the surgery.

This is the posture that you and Daddy watch Veggie Tales at in the mornings. This photo was taken late afternoon, but I guess it just felt right to you :)  Yesterday you stood in front of the TV, and asked, "King Ging!?" Daddy laughed and had me come listen. Yes, it was clear! You were asking for Kung Fu Panda! Ha ha. You really like that show. It's right up there with Veggie Tales.

For the second time this week, you didn't feel as though you needed an afternoon nap. You didn't seem particularly tired anyway, so we eventually let you back out of bed, and you and Daddy went off to the Discovery Center because he wanted to watch the movie they show there, which he hadn't been able to see yet.

You came back and we went on a QUICK walk because it is COLD out. Then we made dinner - chicken drumsticks which you ate off the bone (sort of). You tried, but the pieces came off a little to big, so I cut them up. Still, I think you let most the pieces slide down your gullet without much chewing :-/ Either way, you ate it up.

I have to tell you I love love love our nighttime cuddles, right before bed, holding you and singing to. It's my very, very favorite.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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