Friday, February 8, 2013

Extraordinary {381}

Dear Miss Dinah, 

Some days you just have one of those seemingly ordinary days that turns out to be way more than expected. I want to say life-changing, though I'm not sure I can fully explain why or how.

This was one of those days. 

This morning we went to visit Granny and Grandad again. Daddy said he wants us to visit them as much as possible while we are here. And it is totally worth it, they just love it when we come. We went to a little living room type space across from their room to hang out, chat, and play dominoes -- sort of. 

Look at your arm on the arm of the chair pose. Looks like you're all ready for some game playing!

Or something...

We went out of town to run our errands and Daddy decided that you two wanted to ride in the motorized cart today. I don't know why this tickled me so much, but I could not stop giggling about it as you tootled your way around Sam's Club. It actually goes up to a pretty good speed. Oh, and it beeps when going backwards!

Ginni was in town for a few appointments, and met up with us. She also wanted to give the cart a spin. How will you ever go back to regular car-carts after this experience?

After shopping, you and I ran to the restroom and when we got back, Daddy had talked to Ginni about taking you home and spending the evening with you so that he could take me to a movie. I thought that sounded like fun for everyone!

Daddy and I had a wonderful time at the movie (the movie wasn't the greatest but the company was) and it sounded like you had a very busy and fun time with Ginni. I love the way stories can make you think about your life and examine it in a whole new way. When we got home you were watching Lady and the Tramp, finishing dinner, and trying to follow the cat upstairs. Of course, you were tired by the time we finally got home. But, wanted to watch the Belly Button song one more time before going to sleep. 

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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