Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Adventures {394}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Such a beautiful morning to stop and smell the ... basil.
Outside that window the snow is falling and will continue to fall all day. Beautiful, big flakes piled up about 7 inches high :)

Kitty would like to join you this morning...

This is you saying 'cheese.' Really.

This is you saying 'cheese' again. A very strained 'cheese.' Because, well, it's cold outside. Your mittens (my mittens) are duct taped to your jacket which is a brilliant idea I wished someone had told me about sooner.

We decided to adventure out in the stroller. We went to the post office and a nearby grocery store we don't shop at much anymore. All in all it was just a couple blocks, and it was FUN! Some parts of the roads were cleared and some were not, so like I said, it was an adventure. When we got done at the store it had started snowing even more, and it really sounded like you were singing on the way home...

Back out again in the afternoon...

Everything changes when it's covered in snow. You can't as easily see the paths that we are used to, so we must forge new ones. Not always such a bad thing...

Our walk today was to just a few neighboring houses instead of the whole block.

Knocking the snow off a bush...

Exploring off of the beaten path...

Guys from the upstairs building a snow fort /igloo type structure. This will be interesting to see tomorrow as they planned on painting it green or purple? They said their goal was to get it on the internet. Well congratulations, guys!  :)

Helping fix dinner. I won't tell that you try and lick all the veggies before we cook them. 

I love you,

Mamma <3

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