Monday, February 11, 2013

Self Portraits and Hair Static {384}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Visiting with Great Granny and Great Grandad again this morning. A nursing home attendant stopped by with snacks while we were there, and she gave you one too. Here, you and Grandad are both enjoying your goldfish crackers.

Oops...your fish went for a walk with you and got spilled.

 You started putting them back in the back, but then switched to putting them directly in your mouth. That's one way to clean up! After you'd gotten them all picked up, you went back to sit in Granny's chairs. Then a few minutes later, you went back and started picking up the teeny-tiny crumbs where you'd spilled the fish.

When we got back to town we dropped Daddy off at Ginni's and went to stop by a friend, Ms. Annie's house. Ms. Annie is a friend who used to be a neighbor. She was babysitting her little brother Benny who is 2 (they are very far apart in age!) Ms. Annie is pregnant, and expecting a little boy, Levi James, due in March! Benny is sweet, and was talking in whisper today. You two had fun visiting, except that he was not interested in sharing his DVD's, no sir :) He was quite grumpy about it, and you were quite confused. However, he was most amused by you standing on your head right before we left.

Ginni and Uncle Dan had to take care of some business out of town (actually they are staying at our other place) and we, as it turns out, spend the evening at Ginni's! Like I said, no one was home. Gampa is in Costa Rica, but flying home tomorrow. 

Daddy had been over there doing computer work all day. We went to go pick him up, but there was a good old movie on, so we waited till it was over to leave, and just ended up cooking dinner there and hanging around. 

 You did the same thing the other day, right when we walked in you took the teddy bear off the chair and took the chair over next to the table. By the way, that teddy bear is the one I practiced putting your cloth diapers on before you were born :)

The new phone has a neat function where you can turn the picture around to face you. You were instantly intrigued by this.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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