Saturday, February 23, 2013

How To Braid Toddler's Hair {396}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Step One: Veggie Tales
Step Two: Patience

The best way we have found to practice hair-styling is while watching a good video or two. Today for the second time, we tried braids. The first time, however was right around when you turned one, and it was a very, very tiny braid :) Today's were much longer.

Today while we were shopping at Target, we met our neighbor from down the street. We've only seen him a few times as we've walked by his house, though we've seen his dogs many times. We were walking into the store at the same time when we recognized each other. His name is Victor. Now when we walk around the block we can say hello Mr. Victor! And not just say hi to his dogs :)

After shopping we went out of town to visit a friend who just had her baby. Ms. Jen and her husband live on a farm out in the country. Their newborn, Annalise is just three weeks old and such a little cutie. When she started to cry, you helped get her paci, and then you offered her a blanket. What a good helper.

Here's a picture we took from their driveway, cows in the background.

And the other direction... this is their front yard!

We got home a little later than expected, and Daddy had started some dinner :)  Oh, and you know what else he did today? Drilled a hole and put a plug in your little blue bath tub, so we could drain it once we finished in the bath. What a great idea!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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