Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Circle {429}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Your new favorite word is circle.
You seem to find many a good excuse to use it. Identifying circles that you see places, and just saying it because it sounds neat.

Daddy brought home a gift for both of us today: magnets! And 10 of them were circles :)

They were for me to use for practical reasons and you to play with. But, I played with them too of course...

exploring the phone

you are really, really hard to capture these days. As in you are fast.

Really fast

You were talking and I caught you at a funny time, you are not actually pouting though it seems that way :)  Cute pout, though...

And a quick video we took:

You and Daddy decided to play a trick on Kitty and put tape on her tail. You were chasing her, giggling giggling giggling.

Tonight we went to practice for the International fashion show we are helping with on Sunday. You did pretty well considering we were there 2 hours! There was a nice little boy there from Mexico who showed you his car/transformer and offered you cookies. You gladly ate about 3 :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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