Friday, April 26, 2013

Smoooothie {450}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Every single day I am growing to enjoy your little personality more and more, especially as I see it developing. One thing about you is that you do not seem afraid of much. You love to explore and adventure, and feel the freedom to do so. I am so grateful for this! You have so much enjoyment about discovering new things and I hope that you always keep that spark of curiosity that drives you.

Speaking of driving, you weren't doing much of it as you lounged up in the front of the car-cart this evening.

Earlier for afternoon snacks we had smoothies. I love how you say "smoothies" like how you say "small" and "snow." You scrunch up your little nose and stick your lips way out. I tried (with little success) to get you to say it here. You were busy :)

Also this afternoon, Ms. Christina came to visit. An old friend who has long since moved to Colorado. She came back to visit friends this weekend and drove an extra 2 hours out of her way to come see us today. It was such a joy and a blessing to see her and to catch up! It was also the first time she's gotten to meet you. You enjoyed a little girl chatting as well, and only put up a small protest about going to bed.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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