Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Puffy Painting {436}

Dear Miss Dinah,

I was starting to think that you were a pretty plain eater like your Daddy. Today at lunch I had some mustard for my sandwich. You, being a big fan of dipping things, dipped a piece of coconut into the mustard and proceeded to eat it. Next, a raisin into the mustard -- not bad either! Maybe you are more adventuresome than I thought :)

This afternoon we tried another Pinterest project: 'puffy paints' made from flour and water. You are supposed to use food coloring too so you can have different colors to paint with, but we left that out today so we wouldn't have to deal with cleaning it out of clothes. Plus, we already got some mustard on the shirt :)

Well, this activity wasn't too exciting for you. It didn't hold your attention much longer than 5 minutes.

Mostly you were a little concerned about it getting on your hands. Probably because we wipe up so quick at meals!!

We use your little backpack to keep the books that we use for 'Bible time.' Today after Bible time, you enjoyed wearing the backpack on your shoulders and walking around the house, grinning, very proud of your backpack.

When Daddy got back from doing some business out of town we were excited to show him how you wore your backpack around. He was very impressed!

Tonight we went to Ian and Amsie's and you and Miss Amsie giggled and hugged when you saw each other. It was the sweetest :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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