Monday, April 22, 2013

Watch Out for Fork Lift {447}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are 22 months old. That means in 2 months you will be 2. How's that for number play?

A little trick we taught you to say when we ask: "How old is Dinah?"
You say "ONE!!!"
And "How old WILL she be?"
You say "TWO!!!"

We'll have to work on making the transition in a few months :)

ONE thing's for sure, you are ONE COOL GIRL!

This morning Aunt Lydia (your great aunt actually) and her son Caleb (your first cousin once removed, we figured out) were in town. They are staying with Ginni and Grampa for a couple of days, so us girls went to visit, and Caleb went with the guys to set up a new security system.

Before lunch, we took a quick trip to the Long Term Care to visit Great Granny and Great Grandad. Here you are playing with a neon green rubber ducky. Grandad had also saved you a banana which you devoured. He is so great at saving those bananas, even when we haven't been to visit for weeks!

Later we went to visit Daddy and Caleb as they were finishing up their project. 

See Daddy crawling up in the corner there? He was setting up a camera.

You got the pleasure of sitting on the fork lift. I accidentally told you it was a "skid loader" at first, and you got pretty good at saying that!

So happy to be in the driver's seat.

And then you actually got to drive!!!

Installing the last camera.

 Here I took a picture of the screen showing where this last camera was aimed. Can you see us down there in the corner? I'm standing in front of the stroller!

Spent more time with the family tonight, because we will be taking off again tomorrow. After dinner at Ginni and Grampa's, we went to Aunt Kit / Uncle Mac's for game night. You and I retired early, and the guys stayed to play late into the night.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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