Monday, April 29, 2013

Flamingos Playing Games {453}

Dear Miss Dinah,

In the laundry basket with monkey reading your color book.


Gals' favorite hang out spot.

Daddy getting fancy with the kitchen tile.

Late night laughs.

Oh, a couple of days ago when we went to that dinner ... Aunt Elisa works at the place where the event was to be held. Since she was there earlier in the day, she was able to snap this shot to give us a little preview of what the night would hold. She said she was very impressed with the lime green napkins and beautiful set-up, as were we!

Daddy and I had a blessed evening, hearing stories of God's faithfulness. One particularly memorable was an eighteen year old young man who told of how is father encouraged him to make Jesus Christ his Savior and Lord a few years back, and 2 years ago, he suddenly passed away. God has been faithful to meet his needs and help him heal, especially through his youth ministry leaders. We had the privilege of sitting with his mother and siblings.

You and Aunt Elisa appeared to have quite the time yourselves :)  When we got back, you were lounging together, reading some books and watching basketball.

Earlier in the night, Aunt Elisa snapped these pictures. It looks as though the flamingos are playing some sort of game!

Buttons, buttons, are so much fun!

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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