Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spin Cycle {430}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Your language skills are just exploding. Though half the time it still sounds like baby-gibberish, it is getting harder and harder to deny that tiny little phrases are slipping out of your mouth. And many times, they are not just ones that only mommies and daddies can understand :) If we are out somewhere you will sometimes request to "go home." When you are hungry you ask for "Lunn!" (lunch) regardless of the time of day. We have a special song that we dance to every now and then and today when we started dancing you frantically said, "Ca! Dan!" Because it was suddenly imperative that the cat come and dance with us.

Oh, you love helping with laundry too. At the washer I let you sit up on it and put the clothes in. At the dryer, you stand on the floor and do the same. 

Here you've dragged out two big bags of snacks, but much to your chagrin, Mamma has told you it is nearly dinner time.

A new game we figured out today was lying down in the laundry basket as Mamma spins you around and around. Oh how you liked this one.

Rocks interest you a great deal - have I mentioned this yet? Many times we will head out to the car but be delayed for the want of pursuing a new rock or two.

Out late again tonight at our church community group meeting. But wow, do you like seeing your buddies. You talk about them a lot, and then when we get there and you see Sean, you yell, "SEAN! SEAN!" It was quite endearing. I think you might almost know Shawn, Ryah, Amsie and Ian all by name. By the time we got home you were wiped enough to just lay across my lap a few minutes while I rubbed your back. When I stopped you would put your hand on your back to let me know that you noticed I stopped :)  Then straight to bed, of course.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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