Sunday, April 28, 2013

Super Swingy Girl {451}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Yesterday's photos: men working on the roof. We took a long walk this morning, and also stood and watched these guys working a long time, because it was fascinating to see them up so high!

Most of the time, our strolls turn into walks.

and of course, explorations.

We came back to find Daddy working on the roof too -- replacing gutters. 

Swinging -- a new favorite past time!

Daddy and Mamma prepared to go to a dinner, and you tried on Daddy's belt. It fit around your little belly two times!

Handsome Daddy getting ready:

Oh, and a little video from swinging earlier:

I love you,

Mamma <3


  1. You are super sweet to let her walk! So cute. Vera really wants to walk these days (she was 2 in december), but we usually need to get home! We had a second baby girl in January, so sissy is usually too sad to walk at Vera's pace.

    Love reading your blog and daily stories! Dinah sounds like a fun girl. Congrats on #2!