Saturday, April 6, 2013

Surprise at the Park {433}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today was an absolutely beautiful day from beginning to end. We took a little walk to the park late this morning, and much to our surprise, there was a walk/run raising money for child autism about to begin, and lots of fun activities going on. There were 2 bounce houses that looked really, really fun to you, but the children inside were quite a bit older, so we just stood and watched, and you enjoyed that too :)

Then we saw the horses! Huge, gorgeous horses pulling an old wooden trailer, and they were giving out rides around the park.

Here they are, headed our way:

We had to wait a few rounds because you kept wandering off and losing our place in line :)  But once the bounce houses were finished, we found our way back and were the first in line, so we got to sit right up front! When the horses got going on the straightaway, they started galloping a little, which was a tiny bit scary, but really fun. You seemed to really enjoy it. They told us that the horse on the left was pulling much harder, and doing all the work, and the one on the right was being lazy. This is why he was so sweaty (if you can tell by the picture).

There was also a train that was giving rides around the parking lot. So we snagged a ride on that one too. Not bad for a quick jaunt to the park!

We spent part of the afternoon outside to, it must have been at least 70 degrees. We walked to the post office and just sat in the back yard playing with the tiny purple flowers that have been popping up.

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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