Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Birthday {149}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Happy first birthday, big girl.

We had your party at lunch time today. Daddy, Mamma, Grampa Tom, Aunt Elisa, Guinney, Gampa, Uncle Dan, and Eddie were there. Your Aunt Elisa fed you lunch before everyone got here, and then we made sandwiches once the guys arrived around 1 o'clock. We opened gifts and then had cake.

Then we napped.
All of us ;)

When we woke up, you watched a little Sherlock Holmes 2 with Aunt E and Grampa. Elisa brought the movie because she said you needed to see the sequel, having watched the first one with her when you were 2 months old. Meanwhile I prepared some lasagna so it would be ready to bake when we got back from the pool later this evening.

After swimming, when it was time for bed, you stayed up a little later reading a few extra books and enjoying the tail end of your special day.

The cake this morning, before finishing touches added


Lowly-worm cake finished

Mini-book reminiscent of Richard Scarry

Finishing lunch, Daddy just walked in
How about a little song for ya...

Starting to open gifts
Still interested
"I think I see my book"
And she's off

Time for cake
Scooping out of the empty part
Daddy helped you load up your fork
Get it, girl

I love you,

Mamma <3

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