Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not Afraid {135}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today we went out of town to sign some papers at the bank. You slept the whole way there, and most of the time we were in town. Then we drove further away to meet with a few seed cleaning customers. And on the way back, we stopped by Daddy's Uncle's Auto Parts Store to say hello. He has a very mild-mannered, medium-sized dog named Mollie. I couldn't understand why you were a little scared at Mollie when she came close. You are not usually scared of animals, even quite large ones! We realized it was the spiky orange barbell looking toy she held in her mouth that was a little intimidating. Even so, you would work up the courage to approach her, then get a little scared...then work back up your courage and try all over again. It was fun to watch you overcome fear :)

Now that our closet is partially cleaned, there are books on the ground where there used to be trinkets for you to get into. You don't seem to mind, though and flip through the books. Today it was Mamma's sketchbook that you flipped through.

Tonight we went to Aqua Aerobics again. It felt even colder tonight, but you are so tough! You don't seem to mind to much. I lowered you down slowly, and you took a deep breath, but didn't whine or cry, just adjusted yourself to it. You were probably thinking, "wow, this is an interesting tingling sensation!" Once you get used to it, you just loooooooove splashing around (with Mamma holding you of course). We did what I like to call "fast swim" where I whoooooooooosh you through the water like a speeding bullet... it makes you giggle.

My second favorite part is when we get out of the water and I snuggle you all up in your towel to dry off. :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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