Monday, June 18, 2012

Your Birth Story Pt. 2 {147}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Last year on Father's Day (Sunday), the rest of the family - including Jack & Sheila - headed to church service while I stayed back at home. I wasn't feeling all that great, and I could tell that the end of our pregnancy was near.

Finally we were in our home, though! The first night we stayed there was Friday night. Things were not quite done, but we moved in a mattress anyway, and called it good. I got a GREAT night of sleep and woke up Saturday morning feeling like a whole new woman. It was such a relaxing feeling to finally settle into our own place.

I took it easy on Sunday. Jack & Sheila (who by the way had been staying in the BUS, and loving it[!] for 4 nights) informed us that they were going to take a little day trip. They wouldn't tell us where they were going because they didn't want me to worry that they were far away. They said to call immediately if anything started happening. I had a sneaking feeling they were heading back home (2 hours away) and I was right.

The day was a relaxing one for me. Daddy and his daddy went to see a movie together out of town to celebrate Father's Day. For the first time in days, I was all alone. No one checking up on me, just some room to breath. I was tired but felt like I needed to keep moving. I didn't feel up to exercising but I do remember dancing around the living room. It was a routine I'd been memorizing for weeks and I just went through the motions. Dancing always gets my mind off of how I feel.

Our friend was having her birthday party that night, and I decided I would get out of the house and pay her a visit. No sooner had I left, that I felt like turning around and coming back home. I went anyway and stayed for 30 or 45 minutes maybe. Your Guinney was heading to the restaurant to buy some ice, so I had her pick up dinner for me. Suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted, chicken, rice, veggies - I was not feeling very hungry, but I knew I needed some good fuel for the marathon ahead.

I still have the post it note on my computer from when I started timing my contractions: 6:17 p.m.

After 15 minutes or so of timing, I called Daddy to see where he was at and asked him to pick me up a few things. After a few more minutes I called him back and told him to forget the things, but just to COME HOME :)

Putting in the washer/dryer one year ago exactly! Gampa's is pushing it into place with his feet ...but his position looks funny... :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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