Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Sweet Stuff {136}

Dear Miss Dinah,

We went to the Rec Center today to check when the annex is available. Anyway, Eliana, the director's daughter was there. She's about a month younger than you. She'd just awaken from a nap in her pack-and-play. Distinctly a third child, she had napped in her mom's office, all the lights on, mom working at the desk, three employees hanging out and chatting, and a cartoon playing on the television. This mamma chuckled to herself as she has you in your little bedroom, lights out, and quiet :)

You two interacted sweetly for a few minutes, then we went home for our nap.

While you slept, Mamma watched Paula Deen's cooking show while exercising. This mamma really likes watching Paula. She has such a knack for making it fun in the kitchen. It's a such a good thing to have fun in the kitchen since we are in there so many hours of the day!!!

Somewhere along the way, I have determined that I really really really really like baking. Ok, truth be told, I learned this a long time ago. My childhood recipe box is almost all recipes for cookies and sweets with the exception of pizza and potato soup.

Well, you aren't eating much of the sweet stuff yet, but you are learning the process alongside Mamma. Here you are using the measuring cups and munching on grapes. We are considering developing some sort of velcro system which makes it safer for you to be on the counter... or something =D

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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