Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Decorated Day {334}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we went to the City Life Church. We haven't visited this church since you were a tiny little baby. The pastors of the church have been Daddy's friends for a long time, since before they moved here to pastor this church. In fact, Mr. Dave married us five years ago. Today he encouraged the church to renew our faith/hope/trust like a child. Whatever it is we are lacking.

When we walked in, the children were all sitting around a table eating their goldfish snacks. You just trotted right over and took your seat among the others. It was so sweet seeing you all sitting there together just quietly enjoying your treats. When I came back to pick you up, you were in the same spot (although you played around the room a lot in between that time apparently) finishing up an art project with glittery Christmas stickers. And now it hangs proudly on Grandpa's fridge :)

Grandpa has a friend who is an artist and loves to bake. She volunteered to come over today and make and decorate cookies with us.

Ms. Rhoada rolled out cookies and you helped cut them and put them on the pan.

Your handiwork: One gingerbread man lost a leg. You then tried to eat it, but we managed to save that from happening. The other gingerbread man got a cookie cutter to the leg (not yet in the picture though). It was funny though, because you got the right idea with the cookie cutters, just the wrong dough. And I'm not sure what happened to that candy cane...

Then the fun part began...

Ms. Rhoada made 'Royal' icing in a variety of colors...  

And we took your little shirt off, because we learned our lesson decorating cookies the last time!

Shaking the jars of sprinkles up were a favorite part of the decorating experience.

Aunt Elisa joins the party. She takes it upon herself to decorate the broken-legged gingerbread man and give him 'stiches.' :)

After decorating you were due for a nice long nap. When you awoke we had ham and beans ready for dinner, then a warm bath.

We like making facing at each other after bath time. Not sure why, it's just one of our habits ;)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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