Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catching Flies with Honey {327}

Dear Miss Dinah,

It was so good to be back at church with friends this morning.

 It is also neat to see you appear to begin to remember people,

and places,

and things that happen. This afternoon we were at the drug store doing some shopping. We were at the checkout and you put your little hand up near a 'Tester' lotion bottle. I said, "That's right, Dinah. Put your hands up there, and I'll get you some lotion." You did. Then I said, "Now rub your hands together." You understood this because, it's what we do after taking a bath. Later, I was telling Daddy this story, and he noticed that you appeared not only to understand what I was saying, but recall the event.

We cooked pasta and sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce with peas and carrots for dinner. Well it turned out tasty, and you ate a good helping. Then you "asked" for cereal. I gave you a few pieces (of a healthier variety instead of the one you were asking for). You were thankful, but then went back to asking for the sweeter variety. I gave you one piece, and put the box back. You went and got it 2 more times! You were so sweet about it, and not fussy at all, and you even said (signed) 'Thank you' after, so yes, of course this Mamma was moved to oblige. What Daddy says is true: "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

We helped Ginni work on her Christmas letter this evening. She sent us some pictures and text and we organized it and sent it back to her. Here are a few of the pictures she used in the letter.

Here's a picture that was taken this summer of you and your cousins with Ginni and Gampa.

Here's "Doctor" Uncle Nick with Daddy as his patient and Uncle Jeremiah in the background.

And here's a lovely group photo!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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