Sunday, December 23, 2012

What a Ride {333}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Dashing through the snow...

Yesterday morning Grandpa Tom and Daddy took you outside in the 'Toboggan.'

It is an 6 foot long sled that your grandpa found at a yard sale. You had a blast! And grandpa smiled and said, "Daddy got his exercise." :)

Last night we went to the Crown Center shops which are famous for being beautifully decorated during Christmas time. Outside on the terrace near a 50 foot high decorated tree, there were many life-size wooden 'toys' including cars. Every 'toy' was allowed to be played on.

Inside were more toys and decorations. This little girl is made entirely out of Leggos!

Sisi and Auntie K planned this evening as a special treat for you. When my sisters and I were young we went to the Crown Center shops each year at Christmas time. They wanted to take you around alone, so Daddy and Mamma went to dinner and let you have your fun. After, they took you home, made you dinner, and put you to sleep. 

You must have had a great time, because you slept over an hour extra this morning =)

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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