Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sons {336}

Dear Miss Dinah,

A slow and leisurely Christmas morning. We are cooking breakfast while you are building train tracks.

Our stockings that Daddy filled and hung by the fireplace!

Presents under the tree:

 But before we delve into any of that. You are content to play in the kitchen with toys of your aunts and Mamma from years past.

Especially the chair that folds and unfolds which you love to set the tiny rooster on.

What a delightful morning giving gifts to one another.

Daddy looking at my 'Little Big Book for Moms" from Aunt Elisa wearing his new hat, also from her.

Auntie K looking through a book from her mamma, your Sisi. And Sisi, just taking it all in!

The big girls - your aunties and mamma - with our very personalized, grown-up presents.  :)

After a well needed afternoon rest, we went to Aunt Debbie's and Uncle Mikes for a steak dinner. Also got to spend more time with sleepy little baby Cal.

Father and son... Sweet Cal with his Daddy, Scott (my cousin):

Aunt Debbie always loves to get out the old photos, and so we got to see many. Grandpa pulled out even more when we got home, and we were treated to learning just a few more tiny layers of family history - such an honor. He even came across an old poem transcribed by his mother, Dolores, written at age 5:

My Daddy by Tommy

Daddy's name is Fred. I call him Daddy. He works for GMAC. He works with that stuff - papers. 
When he's at home he gets undressed and reads the paper. He watches T.V. too.
He doesn't wear glasses. He has black hair. He's skinny. 
I like him.

And, here is a gem from Christmas past.

Your Grandpa Tom and Great Aunt Deb:

Daughters are GREAT but today we celebrate sons. 
Especially the special son.

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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