Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Kissing Yet {338}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Two daddies working on Tesla energy stuff...

Corrado with baby Leo:

You and Auggie (Agostino).

With both of your sweet little countenances, it's a pleasure to watch you interact.

 You gave the car to Auggie...
 Then you gave the ball to Auggie...

Then we asked you to kiss Auggie... He seemed ready but you weren't too sure ;0)
Oh well. You two really are fun. You seem to be very curious about the other.

This morning Ms. Carrissa and Mr. Corrado took us to the "Mom and Pop Place." It's an educational toy store which has a play area for children and a cafe. Next we went to WalMart to do some quick shopping and pick up ingredients for dinner tonight (Daddy and Mr. Corrado made Daddy's favorite pasta dish) and dinner for the get-together tomorrow.

More teething today.
Chewing on anything you could get your hands (and teeth) on :)

Goodnight sweet thing.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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