Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chivalry {341}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Abby and Lana are 2 of the most well behaved dogs I've ever met. They are very tame, and extremely patient and they do not beg for food at all. They will just sit very attentively, very nearby till someone happens to drop something their way.




We went to church this morning with Mr. Corrado and Ms. Carrissa. Today was "family service" which means that they did not have any nursery classes. There are TV's and comfy chairs in the foyer area so we just sat out there for the service. It was funny because slowly as the service went on, more and more families with young children would sneak out of the service and into the foyer, until it was baby/toddler central! You spent the entire time walking the halls. There were many and they were long and inviting to energetic little legs.

Getting ready to leave, waiting for friends to come out and load up into their car. You push a button, and push a button, and push a button...

This afternoon we went over to Auggie's grandma and grandpa again to watch the GB Packers game. They were playing the Minnesota Vikings in what proved to be a pretty exciting game.

A view from the back porch, beautiful snow - not melting away nearly as fast as it does at home:

Hanging out and drinking a strawberry flavored water Daddy got you earlier.

Although they live in Wisconsin, Auggie's grandfather grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and only got one television station which broadcast the Minnesota Vikings, so he is a Vikings fan :)

Mr. Corrado and Daddy continued to work on their energy project.

You and Auggie took turns riding the little horse, which was Ms. Carrissa's when she was a girl. Oh, and it was so sweet, at one point, you got on and Auggie pushed you around, with absolutely no prompting :) How chivalrous.

You were pretty worn out again today by the time we got back home. We read a little and then lied down in your crib. I rubbed your little back and head as you fell swiftly to sleep.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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