Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alaskan Fur {324}

Dear Miss Dinah,

At Ginni's this morning helping with a computer project, and you had a little accident :)

We did not have a change of clothes, but after a little searching, Ginni found a little "Alaska" outfit that someone had once left, brand new, complete with a (fake) fur vest. Very dapper! The pants were a little big and the vest was a little to warm to wear today, but in a pinch, it was perfect!

You played with toys while Uncle Dan "watched" you as he fell asleep for a nice nap right there on the floor :)

You must have thought that looked like a good idea, because not long after, you took a three hour long afternoon nap. 

After the nap we went for a walk, because it was 60 degrees again. We went to the elementary school park where an after school program was going on. You squealed with glee as you watched all the children running, swinging, footballing, and cartwheeling. Oh how you wished you could do it all! It was just a little too rowdy and the play equipment is just a touch too advanced, so we soon strolled to another, smaller park. Soon, Daddy drove by. He had seen our stroller parked on the other side and circled around to, sure enough, find his girls there! This park is great because it's just the right size for climbing all around, and there are three different slides you can go on.

At home we made dinner. Daddy and I had a lot to discuss, and you were there trying to get right in on the action. Oh which reminds me to tell you that lately, whenever Daddy and I hug, you drop what you are doing and come join in!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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