Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mr. Dan's Birthday and Vehicle Stickering {319}

Dear Miss Dinah,

A little ouchie covered over with a Miss Piggy band-aid.

A few months ago, I was doctoring my foot a lot, treating it, and putting band-aids on it almost every night. When I got out the band-aid for you, you pointed at your foot, assuming we were going to put it there. What a memory!

Today happened to be the last day that Mr. Dan is in town. He has been here nearly a month, working on his pilot's license. Today also happened to be his birthday, and we wanted to help celebrate. We loaded up in the car and headed out of town for lunch and a trip to the Air Museum.

Ginni and you making faces at each other as you fall asleep.

Our waitress at the restaurant was a young Chinese girl. She was very friendly and tried to grab you right away as she seated us. "Hiiiii! Cookie cookie cookie!" she said trying to excite you...if only she would have known what she need to say was, "Juice juice juice!" :-)

You, Daddy, Mr. Dan, and Gampa enjoying the Chinese buffet. 

Next we headed to the Air Museum. This place is filled with fascinating planes, most from the WWII and Korean War eras.

You walked around pointing and saying, "Caaah, caaah, caaah..." (car) :-)

Daddy and I were laughing about this funny thing. You see today on cars, people oftentimes put stickers representing their family members. Well, back during the war, they put 'stickers' on the sides of these planes representing bombs dropped, or attacks made. This plane had about 15 bomb stickers, a boat, a submarine and a ship sticker meaning it had sunk them! An interesting history of vehicle stickering, I suppose.

Just your size...almost.

We are so grateful to have been able to spend time with Mr. Dan before he heads back. Hopefully he will get to return in February. He is a kind man with one the biggest hearts of anyone we know. We are excited he's closer to reaching his dream of having his license to fly. It will give him the freedom and ability to serve the people of Costa Rica (where he and Ms. Cindy have lived 30 years) in a greater capacity. We are so inspired by you, Mr. Dan!


Next holiday project:

zip-lock baggies!

And you learning how pen caps work, oh dear!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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