Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowy Sweet Day {331}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today is a VERY special day.

You turned 18 MONTHS old today!

We baked cinnamon rolls this morning and you got to have some, and of course, your favorite, CEREAL.

Today was also the first snowfall of the year (last night) and you went outside to help Daddy shovel and PLAY.

You came in a warm up for a few minutes and were ready to go right back at it again!

Later this morning we went to a friend's house to decorate Christmas cookies and make salt-dough ornaments which you made a hand print on. You had lots of fun playing with all of the other girls and making all of the goodies. You especially liked licking the icing-covered paint brushes :)

I took a few pictures and unfortunately my phone got DROPPED in water! (my fault) We are drying it out over night and hoping that it works in the morning!

This afternoon you were invited to go with Mr. Jovan, Ms. Quinita, Ryah and Sean to a K-State basketball rally and tour of their practice area, locker rooms, a special dinner, and meet the! We heard that you had a fantastic time, a little if-y about Willie the Wildcat (mascot) and ate lots of fruit. 

While you were there, Mamma and Daddy went to see a movie (Daddy's favorite pastime with Mamma). We saw The Hobbit, a very imaginative and well-designed show. 

When we came back to pick you up it was past your bedtime again (another late night) and you were "tumbling" just like Sean. He was doing cartwheels around the living room and you were bending over to touch your head on the ground and then pushing yourself down onto your seat, and sometimes all the way to your back. Man, were you tired, but squeeeeling with laughter. Ms. Amber said that, in your own eyes, you were doing exactly what Sean was :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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