Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Phone of Her Own {192}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You are walking faster, further, stronger, longer...

This afternoon you found my old pink LG Fusic phone. We keep it plugged in to use for storing mp3's and listening to books and music.

You found it, pressed a bunch of buttons till you figured out how to turn it on. Saw a picture of (younger) you on the background, and decided, it was yours.

You were pretty happy, and chatty, about that.

(Notice kitty's ears in the box)

Too fast for photo.

Ready for the pool?


With phone




You put it up on the table,

So that you could take it off.

Still got it.

Liking those buttons.

After swimming, eating Daddy's pineapple.

I love you,


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