Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grape-tastic {195}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we went on a short road trip to take a vehicle over to where Daddy will be working tomorrow. He needs it to haul grain. We did some shopping on the way back, first for items needed at work, then for a few groceries. We made lunch when we got back and you took a nice, long nap.

Yesterday, a friend gave us a huge bucket of grapes, leftover from the ones that they had picked. Daddy had a feeling that you would like these, and he was right. You have been snacking on them all day long. After dinner, I finally put a towel over them so we could call it quits for the night.

After naps, we went to pick up a few things from Ginni and Gampa's so Daddy could prepare for his next job (he'll be gone for 3 days).

I think he will miss us...We will surely miss him.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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