Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mom, Her Attention Span Will Be {211}

As Long As Yours Is :)

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today this phrase ran through my mind. It's funny because usually it's the children who are blamed for having short attention spans. Well, most of the time I don't feel like this is the case with you. You are very content to investigate a certain activity for long periods of time. Sometimes you will even leave the activity for another, only to come back to the first one a little later.

If I'm doing the task with you, and then I stop and walk away, however, you are more likely to jump ship as well.

Today we were counting cotton balls, and picking them up with tongs.
You were fascinated.
It was amazing to watch your little mind progress from one level to the next. Being amazed that I could snap the cotton ball out of your fingers with the tongs, becoming interested in how the tongs squeezed together, how the cotton ball was held in place by the tongs, and then, how many could fit at once.

Endless minutes of fun, until Mamma realized she needed to go tend to something (who can remember what now) and so you moved on too.

But later, I did catch you filling up the plastic bag with your cotton balls, smarty pants.

Oh, and Pizwit got in on the action as she flew around the room chasing the balls that she stole.

This evening Daddy took you out to Dollar General and you returned with a happy face balloon and a smile on your face about as big.

We enjoyed some family time after you two got back. And, since you were in an especially loopy mood being so tired before bed, Daddy made you incessantly laugh by laughing, so then you were both just laughing like crazy.

Of course it made me start laughing too!

I love you,

Mamma <3

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