Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Brussels {217}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This is me, peeking at you, through the hole in your door. It's morning nap time, Pigglet, Hedi-betty, and Pandy-poo are tucked in, and you are reading Bubbles Bubbles to them.

Garden Update:

We water the garden each and every day, but a few days of rain, and it seems to grow at triple rate. 

This is one, singular pumpkin plant. I could hardly get the whole thing in the photo. It won't be putting on any fruit this year, due to not being fertilized. But, wow, is it gorgeous. 

Beautiful little baby squash / zucchinis are starting to appear. 

And BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!!!!! My favorite =D
They are so teeny-tiny right now and they take a looooooooong time to grow (when did we plant? April? May?) But we're excited to see if anything comes of it in the end. 

You had a bit of a rough day. Was it teething? Were you ready to drop a nap time? This evening I finally realized that your new sippy cup was not working! You hadn't been able to get any water out of it all day and were VERY thirsty! We got you a functioning cup filled to the brim with water, and then some juice as an extra treat. You were MUCH better after that and went to bed quickly and easily.

Time with Ginni this afternoon.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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