Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Chair {203}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Trenton called us today. He lives in our house in the city. He called just to remind us (again) that he and his roommates would be happy to do any projects we need them to do around the house. He said if there is any little task we can think of, to let him know, and they would be happy to pick up supplies and do it. They already did some work in the garden, which is a real blessing. He said they think that it's important to do things for other people before themselves. That took me by surprise, because I'm not used to people coming right out and saying things like that. But it's definitely a great attitude to have and I'm looking forward to meeting them in a few months.

One of your first words has been up. You are starting to use it frequently, reminding me as I take you out of bed, off the changing table, out of the car seat, etc.

Soon we may need to look into other options for cameras, as this phone seems:
To slow to catch you.
(Not that any camera might be capable to keep up with your super-speed)

Not exciting enough to look at.
Both you and Pizwit found something on the other side that is though.
You two both love this chair. Pizwit takes all her naps there. 

 This morning Daddy caught us watching Fraggles.

We went to the pool tonight. It may be our last time this summer. It's gotten pretty chilly in that water, and Ginni has left this morning for Nashville with Aunt Julie, Micah and Emma, so she won't be there any more. When we got home, Daddy had put the mirror up in the entryway. It was funny to see ourselves there as we walked in. 

And another thing, the picture looks blurry not because the mirror is dirty but more likely the phone that is man-handled (and baby-handled) all day long :)

After we got all ready for bed, Daddy read you 'Smitten,' one of your new favorite books. When the sock says, "Yipeeeee!," you say it too. 

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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