Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walking About {219}

Dear Miss Dinah,

A year ago this was you.
Just starting to lift up. Not rolling, and definitely not crawling.

And today, you are getting around with ease.
Ginni came over to spend time with you this morning. When I peeked out, I saw that you were having a most productive time. You were raking and picking weeds in our little rock "garden."

Next it was off to the trike.
Being a gorgeous, mild, mid-60's temperature, it almost felt like fall was in the air. My absolute favorite season. You "rode," a little ways, then preferred to get off the bike and push, mostly in circles, resulting in a fair share of tumbles. It didn't phase you much, you hardly seemed to notice, and Ginni said your Daddy was much the same way :)

This afternoon we went to the post office and grocery store. Instead of strolling, we took the car, and then proceeded to walk in and out of both places. I felt like we were just two little ladies slowly walking about our business :)

You may be hitting another growth spurt. You have been eating and nursing a lot, and have been very tired.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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