Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Search of the Real Leak-Free Cup {199}

Dear Miss Dinah,

You have this little routine now in the mornings where you find the remote control, climb onto the chair, and turn on the TV. We get about one channel -- the Olympics channel. Oh, and we did not teach you how to turn on the TV by the way. You just do.

After we water the garden we unload the dishwasher. This goes well with snacking on grapes, too.

Next you go off and play with kitty. I hear you laughing hysterically. You've taken the straw out of your new cup and are tempting kitty with it. I'm sure she is laughing hysterical kitty giggle too. I think they come out as sneezes.

We went to Miss Kelsie's house this morning to take cinnamon rolls and a small meal, and got to meet Baby Bentley. He will be two weeks old tomorrow and is the tiniest little thing, with very long toes. He slept the whole time we were there. You were very good, and quiet, though you did try and share your cup at one point. 

You did share your cup with Miss Emma later on, and she gladly took it. You didn't care much, as you finished Mamma's great big apple before lunch.


Asher was visiting, and he and Micah were playing with little magnetic building shapes. Asher is 5 and starting kindergarten in the fall and Micah thinks Asher is the coolest thing ever. They have so much fun together and you were highly entertained by the pair. 

After nap, we got ready to go get the oil changed and pick up a new 5-gallon bucket for all the wheat Daddy brought home yesterday. Whoo hoo! You had a little of my peanut butter/yoghurt snack first. 

PW's food bowl is normally by her water, unless it is empty and we have forgotten to pay attention. A few times I've found it in the middle of the door way, and today she'd pushed it out. Yes, I got the hint.

I love you, and so proud to be called your

Mamma <3

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