Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coffee and the Southern Belle {212}

Dear Miss Dinah,

We've been having some really early mornings lately. Even though today wasn't really that early, I've already started investigating the coffee option. I've never really been a big coffee drinker although I do like the taste. And I drink so little caffeine, that even the decaf coffee gets me going a little.

I had a few little Tasters' Choice (brand) individual servings but those got used up so we walked to the store, moderately early, in search of more. We bought Folgers' (brand) instant decaf and it was, in word, disgusting. The grains never got completely mixed with the water, and the taste was bitter, stale, and terrible.

So, we will have to hold out until we go out of town.

Wednesday is often our day to do this, however we did not have the car. Actually, we did, I just didn't know that it was parked out at the airport until it was too late! I think Gampa had used it before he flew to Colorado last night. It was left there, and I just assumed Daddy had taken it. Oopsie :)

So, we just had our fun here in town today.
Since you had pigtails in yesterday, your hair was flipped out a little this morning. With a headband in, your hair looking a little bouffant-y, and your little gingham shirt, you looked like either a 1950's gal or a southern belle. And since you say bye like "Baaah," with a sweet little wave, it seems quite fitting.

We visited Miss Jeri for a few minutes before lunch. She had the sudden urge to set you in her son's backpack. You were quite content since you had her iphone, and Miss Jeri just thought it was hilarious. I told her they actually sell baby backpacks for this purpose. It's been a while since her little ones were that little, so she didn't know :)

Later we went to visit Ginni who had arrived back from her trip around midnight. You were so happy to roam the driveway (barefoot at first). After a few minutes on the rocks you were happy to put your shoes on. 

I enjoyed spending today with you. And I'm looking forward very much to doing it again tomorrow :) 

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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