Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big as a Minute {216}

Dear Miss Dinah,

I need to mention something again. I've mentioned it before, numerous times. But it's just . . . true. You are fun to be around. People derive joy from watching you and from hanging out with you.

I'm the very first.
Well, me and Daddy to be fair. But, I get the privilege of spending the majority of the day with you.

Daddy decided he wanted to sit out in the foyer with you this morning at the church meeting so you could run around . . . 
and run around you did.
The whole time.
He said you did not stop moving the whole hour.

You have your cranky times, fusiness, and share of tantrum attempts, but for the most part you remain level, witty, thoughtful, and observant. I'd like to say that your demeanor has to do with what I feed you and my strict adherence to the ritual of napping. I'm sure that's some of it, but there is also a pure, childish light inside you that you can't help but shine. I wish I could put it better.

Before we had dinner with Great-Granny and Great-Grandad, we went to a reception to welcome a new doctor in town, Alois, and his family. It was also being held at the long term care facility, in a newly remodeled wing. They are originally from Brazil, but of German descent. They've lived the past few years in Michigan and now they are here! Alois and Barbara have 2 sons (ages 1 1/2 and 2 1/2) and a baby boy on the way!

When people see you walking about, doing your thing, they often comment about how tiny you are, and ask how old you are. I think the fact that you have a good head of hair for your age and have the walking down quite well both help in making you look like a 'big' little girl, or a 'little' big girl. One older gentleman was having the best time watching you trot around. He looked at me with a tickled expression and said, "She's as big as a minute!"

Where's Daddy?

Dinah-sized balloon.

Snacks and visiting.

Pre-dinner cookie, lucky girl.

You were so friendly with the two boys. You even walked right up and gave this one a little kiss.
Welcome to Alois, Barbara, and family.

I love you, 

Mamma <3

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