Friday, August 3, 2012

Dodge City Rodeo {193}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning we headed out with Miss Kenedy and her mamma to learn a little more about rodeo life -- this time how they do it in the big cities. Kenedy is interested in doing some competing, so she's learning all she can right now.
We were going to see the pageant contestants do their speeches and interviews, but it turned out they changed the schedule without publishing it, so that was all done yesterday. So, we just went to the main rodeo.
Ropers getting ready in the early morning.

You and Miss Kenedy

More roping:

More playing. I think she is sharing her lemonade, you lucky girl...

More roping, this time 2 cowboys vs. 1 calf. Seems unfair...
But then on the other hand, it also seems like parenting. Hm, makes more sense now ;)

One of the many colorful, rodeo vendor's signs:

Next we went to a western wear shop, so Kenedy could get a shirt for her competitions.
Here you are checking out some very sparkly cowgirl belts and making friends with a young cheerleader.

Next we went to the mall, so she could by some cowgirl jeans. You are having an extremely good time making yourself laugh.

 Still making yourself laugh in the car. Sometimes you enjoy skipping naps. so. much.

 Later we are at home, and you are so tired, having only slept about 30 minutes on the car ride home. You find some sweet corn that one of Daddy's farmers gave us (uncooked) and you go to town on it!

I love you,



Dear Husband,

I enjoyed our date tonight...
Small town bowling alleys are the best.
Especially when you are the only people there, so they let you watch the Olympics on the other TV's.

Thanks for coaching me, and likening everything to a gymnastics competition, from my "approach" to my "finish." This was helpful as you can see below:

Here are some photos from our pit stop on the way to the restaurant. 
bottom of photo.

top of photo.

rain is coming.

beautiful night still.


well, I'm in the car.

power line through the rainy window.

waiting for shed door to go down.

i like this one a lot.

clearing up as we talk with some townsfolk before dinner.
 I love you,

Your Wife

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