Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ice Cream Social {201}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Right when we woke we baked some cinnamon rolls and took them over to the cousins house. We strolled over: you, me, and Daddy. We stayed for a while, laughing and playing. I love holding Miss Emma, because she will be still and be held, where you would rather round around after Micah at this point. You enjoyed a treat too, orange juice out of one of Emma's sippy cup. We'll miss them Monday when they have to go. 

We got to have a lot of Daddy time today, which was awesome! We have missed him so much this week. This morning I went to the rec center to work out and when I walked in the door you were snuggled up in Daddy's lap watching Ice Age. He was letting you hold his pomegranate fizzy juice drink (an Izze). They are his favorite, so I was excited when we spotted them yesterday at the store.

Later on while he was doing some paperwork, you sidled up next to him with two of your favorite books "asking" him to read them to you. My heart melted, you are so special to your Daddy and he to you. 

This evening Uncle Jeremiah, Aunt Julie, Micah and Emma hosted an ice cream social for people in the community who help support their school in Nashville (Global Outreach) and their work overseas.

Homemade ice creams and toppings. Ice creams were chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, pumpkin (my favorite), peach, and strawberry nut (the one you had)

Getting a little extra from Grampa

Micah and Asher with their cones


I love you,

Mamma <3

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