Friday, August 17, 2012

Front Seat Drivers {207}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Here are some ways I'm noticing you develop lately:
You are teething again, finally. You are getting in at least one tooth, one further back on the left side. Maybe more, its hard to see in there.
You are making connections. You grabbed a diaper out of my bag and started carrying it around. I checked your diaper and sure enough, you needed a change.
You opened my phone tonight and put it up to your ear and said, "Daddy...Daddy..." Sure enough, it was time for him to come home.
You are walking so fast. So, so fast. And you have a wide cowgirl-style gate about you.
Your vocabulary is rapidly expanding. You've added Pizwit, Down, Done, Milk, Daddy, Hot, and are getting quite good at a few choice animal sounds.
Cow: Mmmmmmmmmm
Piggie: *sniff sniff

A wild ride with Miss Laura today through Dillons:

 I love you,

Mamma <3

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