Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Class in Session {268}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Today we had work to be down in another town about an hour away. Daddy went and took care of business there while we stayed and worked here.

Topics we studied today:
We read the color book and worked on our color signs.
We worked on self-control by eating a few orange pieces before devouring all the bread.
And we learned mechanics by looking at different types of necklaces, some having clasps and some being stretchy. Unfortunately the pretty turquoise necklace broke during this lesson :(  You were a bit sad, but as your hung your head you ended up bonking your head on the edge of a little plastic tupperware container. Oh, not fun.
We practiced walking in and out of stores (and around the block again) and practiced patience, sitting in carts while in the stores.
We worked on recognition skills as I ask you to bring me things I think you may know: a diaper, shoes, a bib.
We worked on our speaking skills, certain words becoming more distinct: like, 'baby,' 'yeh,' 'hi,' and 'bye.'

Whew, that's enough for today... class dismissed.

And goodnight.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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