Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reinforcements Coming {264}

Dear Miss Dinah,

This morning you and I went to go play at some friends' house. Mr. John and his mamma, Ms. Sarah. Ms. Sarah took some wonderful photos of you. We played inside a while, then went to take a walk on a beautiful trail near their home until it began to get blustery, and we headed back.

We came home and fixed lunch. After your nap, we did some packing up of the house, then took a short walk. You walked by yourself all the way around the block (well, half the black as we cut back through the alley).

And as we cut into the alley, we noticed this cat.

The cat noticed us too, and proceeded to lead us partway down the alley. She got distracted once to watch a squirrel.

Daddy had been busy while we were gone. He had cleaned out much of the garage storage room to make space for renovation supplies such as this concrete mix.

After a quick shower, you munched on an apple and watched a captivating episode of 19KAC about children and kittens while I finished making dinner.

Daddy, almost done with a hard day's work. He started pouring the concrete forms. When he finished, he wasn't too tired to hold you up high over his head and make you laugh, and then read bedtime stories to you.


Reinforcements Coming

There is a mighty army
Being trained to stand and fight
A battlefield of soldiers
Learning what is right.

A Company of warriors
That will boldly take the word
To every tribe and nation
Till every soul has heard.

There is a mighty army,
I’ve seen them everywhere;
Most are wearing diapers
And dragging Teddy Bears.

Infants in the training,
Drilled in right and wrong,
Mom and Dad are making
Soldiers brave and strong.

There is a mighty army
Trained in righteous war,
Cheer them on to victory,
Children of the Lord!

~ Rebekah Pearl Anast


I love you, 

Mamma <3

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