Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still More Cat Friends {265}

Dear Miss Dinah,

We went to a meeting of the local church this morning. It was so good seeing old friends and meeting new friends who had started coming since we've been gone.

After worship songs, you went to play with the children in a nearby room. At one point during the service we heard you crying -- it was your loud cry too! Daddy went out to check on you, and Ms. Quinita assured him that she had it under control. Later she told me that you bumped your mouth on something and your gums had started to bleed. Gums bleed very easily while teething so there was no cause for alarm. She said that you didn't want her to pick you up, but you did let little Amsie hold your hand and walk you to the bathroom so that Ms. Q could clean you up.

This afternoon we went to visit friends. And of course you found another kitty to befriend. This one likes to sit outside in the ivy along the sidewalk all day.

Stair update:

You love climbing up stairs. You are still using your hands to aid in the process, but it's less of a crawl, and more of actual "stepping," with the help of your hands. Down the stairs you prefer to go forwards, usually being good about "sitting down" with each step. Unless of course you can find a helpful hand to hold onto. In that case you will fearless walk down.

Your friend Ian (5 yrs. old in one week!) reads you a story.

At home, business before bed time. 

I love you,

Mamma <3

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