Thursday, October 11, 2012

Root Beer Float With Two Straws {262}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Many hours later, I'd almost forgotten why I'd taken this picture...

Then I remembered:

Since we've started getting a little more serious about the renovations, we've started cleaning most of the dishes in the bathroom sink. Then, we leave them to dry (and store) on a towel. So, this means, for better and worse, you can reach them. This morning you brought Daddy and I this cup that happened to have two of your sippy-cup straws in it. We pretended that it was a root beer float with two straws made just for Daddy and I, and we eagerly sipped it.

You are putting our Strawberry Shortcake Band-Aids back in their box.
 For exercise this morning, we walked all the way to Old Stadium. You sat in the stroller while I walked up and down the stairs about 5 times. I waved to you from the top and this made you smile and wave back to me :)

Then we got down and played on the field.

Before lunch and nap, we went to the grocery store. After we'd gotten all done with the shopping, we had to run back in and grab something we'd forgotten. I'm so glad we did because when we came back out, we noticed a friend, Ms. Melanie, eating lunch with her grandchildren. They invited us to sit, so we stayed a while to eat and enjoy each others' company.

Later this afternoon we went back to the Discovery Center to pick up our season passes to this fun, new place in town.

I love you,

Mamma <3

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