Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Pointing Princess {276}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Somehow Daddy's headphones got broken this morning, and I do not know how it happened. I don't know if you accidentally got a hold of them, but I suspected that might have been the case. Well, Daddy, jokingly said that it must have been me because...

He said in a teasing voice, "My princess couldn't do anything wrong!" and then he gave you a little point. You, in turn, gave him a double point, and the cheesiest grin, like you had this understanding between this two of you.

It was too much. We were all bursting with laughter.

The princess on her royal throne...

The princess helping Mommy with the royal duties. Daddy was in the closet and we were helping fix the water heater by gathering tools and mopping up water.

You and Daddy went to lunch while I went to an impromptu dentist appointment to make sure my tooth was ok. I had another delightful surprise as a came out of my appointment. You and Daddy were there waiting for me! We went to get a milkshake, because that seemed like the best thing to do after a dentist appointment ;)

I love you,


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