Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Heights {281}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Every time we come home you have gotten taller.

You can reach new, and exciting things.

And, if you can't reach them, your rapidly improving climbing skills make up for any lack of height.

Up the ladder Ginni was using to paint with.

I can reach two new drawers!
You tried on your costume you will be wearing tomorrow, and it's adorable. We've also being practicing the appropriate bird noises and wing flapping. We'll see how this goes :0)

Around the house, I love that you purpose to help me with tasks. Unfortunately there are a few that I'd rather not have help with yet. One of those is scooping the kitty litter. I appreciate your valiant effort though. Good thing it was bath night ;-)

We cut your bangs tonight. You've gotten very skilled at being still while I do this which I'm very thankful for. After I make a cut, you always try and brush your face off, I think because the hairs tickle your eyelashes as they fall.

Over the last few days you have developed a little cough. I managed to get you to take some garlic with a little coconut oil (you hardly cringed!) and later applied some eucalyptus oil to your chest and neck.

Sleep well.

I love you,

Mamma <3


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