Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sorting Q-Tips and Celebrating {279}

Dear Miss Dinah,

It is a fantastic privilege to be a part of God's family and always be meeting new brothers and sisters from around the globe.

Today we met Ms. Michelle from Brazil.
Ms. Michelle went to college in the United States and then went back to her home country of Brazil to work with young adults in some of the poorest areas there. She has been used in great and mighty ways to show love to people there. She told us the story of one young man whom she'd asked if he ever had a puppy growing up. "Yes!" he replied. "He followed me every single day as I went to go search for food from the trash dump." She has worked in a home for young men there for many years now, hoping to see transition in their lives. She says that many of the boys who come into the home often end up staying there to work as well, as they desire to help others the way that they have been helped.


Evidence that you keep busy each morning...
You found some empty plastic containers yourself and started 'sorting' Q-Tips.

Today was Ms. Kristen's birthday, so we went out to celebrate after the church meeting. With a party of 30, you have to be willing to wait a bit :-)

Waiting patiently to be seated.

...with Miss Amsie and her brother (and patient jungle gym) Cade.

Happy Birthday! Ms. Kristen in the middle on the left, with the chocolate cake :)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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