Friday, October 26, 2012

Everyone's in the Kitchen {277}

Dear Miss Dinah,

We had the pleasure of spending the morning in the company of 3 sweet young ladies.

Ms. Michelle loves to hold you and is quick following you around as you "investigate" the apartment.

Ms. Kristen enjoyed teaching you the keyboard. She also, very generously, shared her snack with you.

Ms. Noelle (not pictured) was trying her hand at our sourdough bread recipe. Hope it turns out and she loves it as much as we do!

After lunch and a nap, we headed to the college shopping district. There was a 'Homecoming' parade today as well as all the shops being open to children who could come through and get goodies.

The parking space we found happened to be close to the ice cream shop so we visited again -- 2 days in a row! How special!

Daddy and you sharing a small banana ice cream.

The owners of the ice cream shop were sitting outside of the shop handing out goodies.
 This was a very special day in the kitchen. Since we are tearing out the floor, we have not allowed you to walk out in this room at all, which means that you have had to be in a separate room while I've cooked. Well today, I decided you were responsible enough to stand on the chair and be near as we prepared the meal.

You did very well, little darling.

We managed to get all our veggies chopped, and fish prepared. Everything wrapped in parchment and ready for the oven. 

A garnish...don't mind if I do, Mamma!

I think this lime is a little sour...

I love you,

Mamma <3

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