Monday, October 29, 2012

Driving and Roofing {280}

Dear Miss Dinah,

It was a long morning of packing two boat (car) loads full before setting sail (so to speak).

A few hours down the road we made it to where we parted ways with Daddy, but first we did made some returns and stopped to say hello to the roofers.

We walked into the store and Daddy said, "I think it's time for the car."
He was so right. Your face lit up as he wheeled it over. You immediately took hold of both steering wheels as Daddy, for a while, tried to accurately reflect your steering with his. Let's just say it was a wild ride.

Here we are at Great-Aunt Leslie's. Daddy is already up there on that roof, along with Grampa Marshall and Uncle Dan. 

You with Aunt Leslie taking in all the action.

Then only a few hundred miles to go. 

The sky breathtaking as always, looked like a bird!

Finally home...PIZWIT RELIEVED. And all is well. I had forgotten how whiny she can be :-)

I love you,

Mamma <3

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