Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday's Trip {270}

Dear Miss Dinah,

Playing schoolhouse with Grandpa...

You think you might be small enough to play on the playground alongside the little people? 

Visiting Aunt Elisa on our trip back and saying hello to her room mate's pets: two gerbils and a chinchilla.

Aunt E got a kick out of you playing with "Spalding." Here, you've just run past it.

Ms. Abby came home and took the animals out to play. We learned the gerbils names are Blueberry and Raspberry (they are brothers), and the chinchilla is named Bucket.

After leaving her house, we stopped through another town to do some business. We didn't end up getting to meet with the people we thought we would, but while we waited we got to take a nice walk across a local campus. We are grateful the days haven't been too cold yet because we did not pack much in the way of cold-weather clothes! Thank God for each and every beautiful afternoon. We are so blessed!
I love you,

Mamma <3

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